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Regrets, the outcome of Making Money Wrongly

There are serious implications for anything that happens prematurely, that includes making money (A tool that helps solve problems). Whatever happens when you have not gone through the right, normal, prescribed duration, pain, obstacles or inconveniences carries with it grave consequences.

Yes, it's true that delays (challenges) which most times comes with achieving anything worthwhile are painful and greatly unwanted, but each time we are forced to act outside Devine principles, lasting pain is always the result;

Of what essence is a breakthrough (Money) which you have gotten through ill means or ritual  if it will ultimately make you cry?

Of what importance is a testimony that will end in tears.

Of what importance is a blessing or money that will nail your coffin?

May you not get it, I won't even wish my enemies such a life of misery. As long as you give your pursuit all it takes, facing your desired expectations headlong, giving it the "Extra" effort, endurance, energy, anointing , knowledge e.t.c., you will succeed with time and the Grace of God.

Premature miracle is costly!

Cheap things are not good and good things are not cheap. "Add the benefit of what a good thing you have paid the price for will do for you, subtract from the disappointment you get from that which is cheap, multiply it by the good feeling you get from that which you have paid the price for; the arithmetic comes to your favour" ZigZigler.

Pay the right price and enjoy the benefits of peace, joy and divine wealth!

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